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Today is your birthday...

March 12, 2014
I wonder what the party is like in Heaven?

 I can only imagine that God goes all out for his special angels! 

Password: Lucy

We are celebrating you, remembering you, grieving you, missing you, loving you from here all the way to Heaven... 

We are all wearing our "For the Love of Lucy" T-shirts today.  Sophie is sporting your signature hairstyle, with ribbons even.  Megan's hair was too long for "bear-ears", they were droopy making them look more like elephant ears, so she just stuck with piggies.  Jack woke me up in a panic because at first he could not find his Lucy shirt.  Guess what, it was in a pile of clothes he put away in his dresser, can you believe that.  We asked everyone who knows you to buy birthday presents for you and deliver them to the place we affectionately call "our home away from home".   The entire Avon Grove School District is supporting us in our efforts to celebrate you! I hope the child life department is ready for the celebration.  Dancers are dancing in your honor today at the hospital.   And we will eat cake, vanilla with vanilla frosting, of course! 

Friends and loved ones everywhere are thinking of you, and praying for us as we celebrate this first birthday without you.

It's impossible for me to believe that you are six years old today, but even more impossible is that we will not get to celebrate it with you.
We love you Lucy Grace!

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Chris Ann Herron said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! My family is eating vanilla cupcakes for you today in your honor! :)