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Change of plans...

December 12, 2012
Apparently Lucy has too much going, anaesthesia doesn't feel comfortable putting her under today.  Along with pancreatitis Lucy is having some apnea episodes that has everyone worried.  We have had to turn down her PCA of dilaudid to keep her breathing as the culmulation of narcotics is too much for our girl. To quote the good doc, "breathing is good not breathing is bad".  We are on the schedule for Monday :(.

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Clara-Leigh said...

Oh bummer, but let's keep her breathing!!! Praying the weekend offers her some time to get the pesky infection under more control and get the pain meds sorted out. I am so so so so so sorry she is in such terrible pain. Through it all, though, I have to say she is as beautiful as ever. Our family is praying!!!

megan said...

Hey Nicole! It's been too long. Bumped into Gina in the lobby. She mentioned you were upstairs. I just read the blog. Sending thoughts and prayers your way. Hugs to you, Lucy and the whole clan!!