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Surgery today...

December 17, 2012

Lucy is scheduled, again, to have surgery today at 12:45pm to place a suprapubic catheter in her bladder.  She is in better condition this week to undergo anesthesia, unlike last week when she was experiencing apnea episodes as a result of the accumulation of narcotics in her system.  Over the weekend we weaned her down to a lower dose fentanyl patch so that we have room to go up today.  We are expecting Lucy to experience a fair amount of pain after the procedure, but not as much pain as she has just experienced.  In an effort to come back to the floor and avoid the PICU post-op we were aggressive with weaning her off of some of her pain meds so that we have room to go up today. I have to admit that I feel badly that we are going to cause more pain today for Lucy, she is finally starting to feel better.  I realize that this needs to be done and in the long term this is going to be better for our girl, but in the short term she is going to be uncomfortable.

Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated today as our girl undergoes anaesthesia for the third time this month.
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charity said...

praying for lucy hope and pray she wont be in alot of pain