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December 20, 2012

Lucy continues to be febrile...her temps are around 104, her vitals are all telling of a kiddo with a fever.  She looks sick, is in pain, but is so sweet.   I had our nurse set the alarm limits on her heart rate monitor to alarm when her heart rates are closer to 200, otherwise our ears would be ringing all day long to the sound of Lucy's alarm bells.

Our urologist Dr. H came to see us at 6 this morning to flush the blood clots out of Lucy's bladder.   Yeah, it sounds as painful as it was :(  Toradol causes bleeding in our girl, we know this from past experiences, but I guess the team thought that it was worth trying yesterday.  I sent Dr.H an email around 1am describing what we were seeing in our girl.  Lucy's suprapubic catheter clogged with blood clots last night thus causing it not to drain.  After pulling out some sizable blood clots this morning, Dr. H whisper to me, "no more toradol", agreed!!

I am not sure if I am more tired or more hungry,  that's the kind of week it has been.  Lucy is moaning in pain while she about breaking her mama's heart.   Dr. R came in this morning and said, "this reeks of a line infection".  I looked at him and said, "isn't that what we originally thought when we were first admitted five weeks ago?".

If we stay here long enough who knows what else could happen...just to cover all of our bases we are going to run a respiratory panel on our girl to rule out viruses,  you know since the hospital is the best place to come in contact with germs!
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Kristina said...

Poor little Lucy. My heart is breaking for her and for you. Hoping all the prayers result in a much better day ahead. Lucy needs a Christmas miracle and she so deserves one!

Gretchen johnson said...

You guys are in our thoughts & prayers!! xoxo