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Surgery again today.

December 11, 2012
Lucy is scheduled in the OR at 1:00pm today to have a suprapubic catheter placed.  I just finished talking with the anaesthesiologist who will be putting our girl to sleep this afternoon.  The first thing she said to me was, "um...Lucy has a lot going on", agreed!  Yesterday, when discussing Lucy's pain with the GI attending he told me that GI docs refer to pacreatitis as suicidal pain, telling me that it is the worst GI pain.  I can not imagine that type of pain, but looking at my girl I agree that this is awful.   Nephrology was consulted yesterday to help us try and figure out a cause for Lucy's hypercalciemia.  We attempted to add a smaller amount of calcium back into her TPN over the weekend and immediately Lucy's levels shot up.  We are continuing to pump our girl full of fluids not just to flush the calcium out of her body, but also to help control the inflammation in the pancreas.  Lucy is so puffy, it is like we attached a garden hose to her central line and left it running for the last month, yep that's just about right.  She is positive almost three liters of fluid during this admission, her skin is so stretched it hurts to touch her.

We have finally achieved a level of pain control that is keeping Lucy somewhat comfortable,  anymore pain meds and she will be sedated.  We are ok with this for now as we are about to make things worse by punching a hole in her bladder today.

Many of our mito friends are struggling at the moment, please say a pray for all of these little heroes of the medical world.  I will never understand the suffering, but I have faith that God has a plan.
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