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Two steps forward, one step back...

December 19, 2012
Lucy is in pain, she is not sick and in pain, instead she is dealing with incisional pain.  This is a very different type of pain than what she has been dealing with.  She is down right grumpy and irritable about the whole thing, but she looks good!  When she woke up from anesthesia yesterday and realized where her pain was coming from she attempted to pull out her new catheter out.  Drew and I were quick to tell her that if she pulled that out she would hurt more, poor baby was not happy.   She keeps telling me, "Mama, it hurts"!  This too shall pass, but at the moment I feel awful that she hurts and that I am once again telling her, "...we are going to try and make it better baby"!  After receiving PRN doses of dilaudid practically every hour after the topical anaesthetic wore off yesterday, it was decided during rounds this morning that we were going to increase her fentanyl patch dose, increase her dilaudid dose, and add in toradol (the IV from of ibuprofen).  Toradol really seems to be helping the incisional pain,  dilaudid is keeping her somewhat comfortable, and the increase in fentanyl will  take a good twelve to sixteen hours to become active in her system.  Distraction isn't helping today, distraction is usually my first choice for pain relief if that doesn't work than I know we are in for it.  We are in for it today!

Lucy is growing EVERYTHING in her g-tube bile culture, apparently this is a first for Dr. R, he has never had a patient grow EVERY type of bacteria and yeast on one culture.  Bile should contain bacteria and yeast, but not the amounts that Lucy has and not all the types that Lucy is growing.  What can I say, our girl likes to stand out, she is a record setter, a true one in a million...What has us most concerned is the amount of bacteria and yeast.  We just finished treating Lucy with three types of very broad spectrum antibiotics and also with a systemic anti fungal to treat the chronic thrush that Lucy is plagued with.  We need to decide what we are going to do about this most recent finding, specifically what we are going to do about all of the yeast.  We are waiting on the specifics of what types of yeast she has growing in her intestinal track.

I am getting anxious as Christmas is a week away.  We are hoping and praying that we will be able to come home for holidays.
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Susan said...

Every night when I ask Maggie what she would like to pray about, she asks to pray for Lucy,and every night it's her turn to say grace at dinner, Lucy makes it into her prayer at least once! May God hear the prayers of this little prayer warrior!! Tonight (even before reading this) we prayed that Lucy would be able to come home in time for Christmas. We will keep praying (Maggie will make sure of that!). Thanks for keeping us in the loop, and up to date. May tomorrow bring less pain!!