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A quiet day...

July 17, 2013
Lucy slept a majority of the day today, which is exactly what she needed.  Her labs are not too bad, pancreatitis does not appear to be an issue.  We stirred the pot so to speak as Lucy's white cell count is elevated for her, we switched antibiotics last night so here's hoping that they do their job and keep the infections at bay.

Pain decreased throughout the day thankfully.  Lucy does, however, continue to complain to us that her gallbladder tube hurts her.  We are still negotiating with our team as to what are options are for our girl.

Lucy's cultures grew a very rare gram negative bacteria form her gallbladder tube drainage, anyone surprised, we are waiting to get the susceptibilities back to see if we are going to make any more antibiotic changes.

We had several visitors today, some tiny babies and some furry friends.  My phone and computer are not playing nicely together tonight or I would show you some of the pictures from our day.  Drew and the kids came for dinner tonight, it was so nice to just be together.  Everyone looked so tired, here's hoping for a good night sleep.

Thanks as always for your thoughts and prayers, love and support.

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