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Oh, our life...

July 25, 2013
Our life is not for the faint of heart, or for those who can't pull an all-nighter, or several all-nighters in a row!!!

While changing Lucy into her pajamas tonight at 10:45pm we noticed that her gallbladder tube had pulled out!!!

When did this happen, we are not sure.  Her stoma, or hole, where the tube came out was practically non-existent.  Knowing what I know about stomas, we quickly thought of the smallest sterile tube we had on hand (an 8fr urinary straight catheter) and pushed it oh every so gently but with a little force into the hole so as to try and keep it from closing entirely.  One of our fears is that there really is no stoma tract to her gallbladder and the catheter that I placed to keep the hole open is just holding a hole open to the inside of her body, but not necessarily to her gallbladder.

I called the on call service, however our beloved Dr. R is on vacation go figure.  Lucy has an uncanny knack for needing him whenever he is on vacation.  It was quickly decided that we needed to get to the ED.  Surgery has been consulted, and we are waiting for a bed upstairs.

Irony of all ironies before we left the hospital on Thursday we met with our surgeon to discuss Lucy's gallbladder tube.  He kept saying over and over how he can't believe that the tube has not fallen out want to bet he's going to be eating his words!
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Susan said...

Ahhhh!! How frustrating!! I pray that the stoma tract is well enough healed that you were able to keep the entire stoma open through to her gall bladder, and no surgery is needed. Can they tell with a simple x-ray? I guess, unlike Kylee's g-tube, you can't really put anything back IN to the gall bladder, like contrast, to tell where it is... UG! Praying you get back home quickly!