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The long and short of it...

July 26, 2013
The long and the short of it is we waited all day to get an IR time slot and we did not get one.

That pretty much sums up our day.

That and Dr. R (I was wrong he is on vacation starting next week :) came by this afternoon to discuss "what if" scenarios with me.  What if we can not place another tube?  What if we have to repeat the gallbladder tube surgery to place another tube?  Would we be willing to take that risk again?  What if when attempting to place another tube bile and bacteria from her biliary track leak into her interstitial tissue in turn making her very sick? What if we learn even before attempting to place a new tube that there is fluid that has leaked around her stoma site?

What if...these are all difficult questions that Drew and I need to consider.   Tomorrow morning we are going to do an ultrasound around her tube site area.  We are specifically looking for fluid.  We started Lucy on IV bacterium today to cover the unique gram negative bacteria she grew on culture last week.  This particular bacteria is only susceptible to bacterium, bacterium has proven to be a difficult med for our girl in the past.

The catheter that I originally placed to hold the stoma in place came out this afternoon.  Oh the drama!  We replaced it with another one, only this time we could barely get the tip of it in her stoma.

We were told that Lucy has a procedure time of 3pm tomorrow.  Apparently the delay is due to the fact that Lucy needs to go under general anaesthesia, and anaesthesiologists are not in abundance at the moment.  Surgery came by tonight, I think they are going to try and move things up for Lucy in the morning.

I am wiped, I have not slept since Tuesday night, Lucy too is wiped despite sleeping most of the day.

Today is one of those days that go down as frustrating!

Tomorrow's another day!
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