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July 27, 2013
A quick update to let you know that our IR team was able to place a new tube back in Lucy's gallbladder! Everyone, and really I mean everyone, is so surprised that it went back in.  Thank you God for another answered prayer! I was told that it was tight and very tiny, but they were able to dilate her stoma and suture a new tube, the same type of tube, to her skin.

Our IR doc has had many extensive conversations with our surgeon about our girl, in particular her bile duct issues.  In fact she called him on his vacation to let him know what had happened to Luc and asked him his opinion about what he wanted to have done.  Yeah we know, we are so so blessed to have the medical team/family that we have!  If Dr. K couldn't be the one to replace the tube then the person I trusted the most to do it was her.

Lucy is sore, and tired, but she is sleeping peacefully.  We are making plans to go home tonight, we can manage her pain at home.
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Susan said...

Praise God!!! You must SO be looking forward to sleeping in your own bed!! :-)

anita said...

I could weep with joy :) Praying you can go home and relax and sleep and just live regular life for awhile! :) Praise the lord for this miracle! praying there wouldn't be unforeseen complications :) And strength and patience and courage and every other good thing to you and your family...hugs..anita