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We're going home!

July 19, 2013
We are making plans to go home this afternoon!

When we were admitted last week I told our main doc that we needed to get home by Friday, we have some serious partying to do this weekend. We are throwing my grandma a 93rd birthday party and most of my family is coming for the weekend!  Dr. R said it wasn't up to him when we were going home and said to talk to Lucy about it :).  Well, she listened!

Lucy's labs are stable and our girl is holding her own.  Pain is still an issue with her new gallbladder tube, we are negotiating with our surgeon as to what our options are for our girl.  For the moment we have her new tube draining to gravity, we want to see how that works before we go and make any changes.  We can monitor all of that and manage Lucy's care from the comforts of our own home, so home sweet home we come. 

Once again our wonderful infusion company is working fervently to get us everything we need delivered to our home and to the hospital so that we can go home and resume living!  It takes a village and we are so very very grateful for the people in ours!  
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Susan said...

Yay!! And Praise God!!! Happy partying this weekend. :-)