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February 8, 2009

This is going to be a rather boring post compared to some of our more recent posts. Trust me when I say that I have never been so happy to write about nothing. We spent our day at home sweet home! Even better, nobody got hurt or sick today! It has been a good day! The kids hung out in their pajamas all day catching up on some much needed playtime with one another. Sophie and Lucy both took naps that managed to overlap one another for about an hour. Drew and I spent our day filing our taxes (I know not so fun but oh so rewarding to have done) and synchronizing our schedules. That is what we did, but what we got out of that was time spent together talking and laughing about the little things, you know those things that don't really matter individually but when you add them up are a big deal.
Overall, we had a pretty non eventful week, which was just fine with us! I managed to get to the Y several times this week to sweat off some stress. Drew spent his week trying to "catch up", but ended up getting further behind as his computer has been giving him grief. We had snow in middle of the week which gave us a two hour delay on Wednesday morning. The kids took advantage and played in the snow several days this week. Megan had her staples removed from her head on Thursday. She was very brave and did better than I think I would have. Jack kept making a big deal out of the fact that he watched her get her staples out and didn't get woozy and faint. Sophie has not made any more attempts at using the potty. Nonetheless, she is eager to go to Target to redeem her prize. Jack lost another top front tooth last night. Thank goodness, that tooth was just dangling and every time he spoke it was driving me crazy. I was afraid that he might swallow it. As for Lucy, she is perfecting her hobby of tube pulling. Tonight we will have to place another tube, I think that this makes the fourth one this week. She is moving faster and faster everyday, now that she is no longer dragging around a heavy cast. She has been having fun exploring the wonders of our basement today after the kids and I spent most of Friday afternoon cleaning it up. If you are reading this Scott and Amy, I had flashbacks to our childhood yesterday when I was threatening to clean it all up "my way".
That's really all I have to report. Just thought all of you would want to know, everyone is happy and healthy!

P.S. I made Sophie put on a shirt before going out in the snow, and also had her change her boots around as they were on the wrong feet as usual.
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