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What a mom won't do...

February 21, 2009

I am happy to post that we did not have to shell out any co-pays this week as we had NO doctors appointments for the first time in six months! Oh what are we going to do with all that extra spending money? I was afraid to post about our non-medical week last week because recently my words have come back to bite me in the a** (Look back in our archive at posts from early January and February). Lucy was evaluated for various therapies on Wednesday by our counties Early Intervention Program. Technically this was an appointment, but they came to our house and I did not have to pay a co-pay so this I could handle. We have been tracking Lucy's development with our pediatrician for quite some time, and although she is making great strides in her development, she is understandably behind in some areas. Our hope is that she will catch up sooner rather than later with the assistance of some therapy.
My mom was here this week playing and helping with the kids. Her coming is a great help for me but even more for Drew. While she was here he was able to "catch up" on work related issues and put in some twelve hour days without worrying that I am at home doing it all alone. Since the middle of November, Drew began a new position at his company as well as maintaining his old one. This happened to occur the same week on in November that Lucy was admitted at DuPont, timing is everything-ha! So this means that he has been working two jobs since that time, but this will be coming to an end soon or so he has been saying now for several weeks. He is hoping to transition fully from his old commitment to his new one. We knew that this would be the case for a while when he accepted the new position, but I have to tell you that I miss seeing that man awake.
We tried our best to take advantage of having "free babysitting" while my mom was here, only we had one issue and that was a tiny little red head who goes by the name of Lucy. Like all of our kids, she has what we call severe "mommyitis". She is very attached to me and can barely stand it when I am not in the same room as her, physically touching her, and breathing the same air as her. I know that Lucy' feelings are only temporary because Jack, Megan and Sophie had many of the same feelings as Lucy does and now they are just fine with me coming and going. I love all my kids; however, all mommies need a break every now and then and this mommy really wanted to get out without a child attached to any hip, back, leg, arm, hand... you get the picture. In reality the best way to do this is to go out when Lucy is sleeping. As you can imagine, being anywhere at a certain time is next to impossible when your entire schedule revolves around waiting for the baby to fall a sleep before you can leave. There were several failed attempts at getting out the door at a certain time, but at first you don't succeed try try again! That we did! Unfortunately, we had a bad week of sleep. Fortunately for me but not so much for Lucy or my mom, a baby never died from crying. I planned most of my "get aways" around Lucy's sleep schedule, but much to my and my mom's dismay she never stayed sleeping for very long. However, I did manage to volunteer in Jack's classroom, run to the post office without kids(those of you with kids know what a pain that outing can be with little ones), deliver a meal to a family at the hospital without having to expose any of our kids to hospital germs, go shopping with my husband on a Tuesday afternoon with no kids, and last but certainly not least go out for dinner and a movie on Friday night just the two of us and only the two of us! Of course, while out I worried about the kids especially Lucy, but as my mom always tells me she raised three kids once before! While out last night, Lucy woke up an hour after we left. I fielded one call from my mom at the start of the movie about how to cap off Lucy's NG tube so that it wouldn't leak all over her. After addressing that issue my mom said that she and Lucy would be fine. They bonded over a giant box of Cheerios and Fox News. We came home at 11:30pm and found both Lucy and my mom sleeping in the leather chair with the television on. Who needs lullabies when you have Fox News!
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