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An Update

February 13, 2009
Just a quick post as I am heading to bed ASAP. It's Thursday and Lucy is still having low grade fevers, but is not as miserable acting as she was earlier in the week. She has an amazing tolerance for not feeling well. She has been through a lot in her young life and that has given her so much strength. She has an awful cough that sounds "junky" along with a very runny nose. Her appetite is a little better, she is eating Cheerios again. She is still not sleeping very well, mainly because she is coughing and has runny nose. On top of those two things we are dealing with lots of diarrhea diapers again since going to 24 hour continuous feeds. Today we have gone back to her normal feeding schedule to see if we can prevent her from having so many diapers. We are going backwards on the scale which is exactly what we don't want! Maybe this is more than you needed to know, but hey I am just reporting the news here.

Thursday is our crazy busy day and because Lucy was acting better despite her fever we went on with our normal Thursday activities. She really loves to get out of our house and see the world. Getting out of our house today helped us to keep her mind off of not feeling so well. It was also very mild here in spite of the wind which made it easier to take her out. Hopefully tomorrow she'll feel even better.
PS Just a waring for those of you with flat screen monitors that have great resolution, I wouldn't enlarge this photo as she has a very runny nose!
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