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Teeth, Sleep, and Stinky Diapers

February 22, 2009

We have several recurrent themes in our house: teeth, sleep, and stinky diapers. Who could have every imagined that ones life, other than a dentists, would revolve around teeth. Jack lost a tooth recently. Megan also lost a tooth recently. Lucy is getting a tooth. Sophie only wishes that she could lose a tooth so that she could reap the benefits of the tooth fairy(I know how she feels, that is kind of how I feel about the government's TARP money. I think that all of us should benefit from some type of interest rate reduction, don't you!). Lastly, I have a tooth that is bothering me. I guess a trip to the dentist is in order for the entire family. It's that time again.

Our tooth theme goes hand in hand with our sleep theme, or should I say lack of sleep. Oh my goodness, I sure hope that Lucy is not getting the front teeth of a saber tooth tiger. She is absolutely miserable! Every time I go into her room to get her from her crib she looks like she is trying the gnaw her way through the bars. Drew jokes and calls her our little snail because everywhere she crawls there is a trail of drool that follows. We are hoping that those babies pop through soon, by soon I really mean NOW! She is not sleeping well at all which we think is somewhat related to teething, but could also be related to her bodies ability or lack there of to digesting certain foods. We have slowly been adding solids back into her diet, mainly because she has the desire to eat and we do not want to miss this critical window and end up with a baby who has aversions to eating. Like all humans, it is complicated to differentiate what are her individual problems. So, we have chosen what we feel is in Lucy's best interests right now. We are choosing to feed her a variety of foods so that she is exposed to various flavors and textures, but are careful to feed her a minimal amount so that she can maintain the feeding regimen that we have so carefully established. As she is gaining weight and cognitive awareness we have had to make adjustments to her feeding schedule. I wish at times that there was a more precise formula for human growth, but there just isn't so we just keep monitoring her weight and making adjustments accordingly.

Stinky diapers are the result of feeding Lucy solids. Oh my, I will spare you all of the details but sympathise with me please as I feel like I am up to elbows in poop most nights and days. As I mentioned in a previous post, Sophie is not yet fully potty trained. By "fully" I mean that I am still changing her stinky diapers too. Believe me when I say that we are looking forward to the day when we only have one in diapers!

Just thought I'd share some of our issues with you all. Laugh, cry, sympathize... and know we may be tired but are loving this life none the less. As promised, the above picture is Megan's newest smile.
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Karen Owens said...

Your quiche was amazing!!! -- and the granola!

Thanks so much!