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Back to the OR...

December 28, 2013
I am working on a post in which I detail more of the issues surrounding our current issues.  I promise to post it soon, I just need more than a few minutes here and a few minutes there to get my thoughts out clearly.  Soothing a very cranky and uncomfortable girly has been a full time job as of late.  I am a mom, comfort is what I do best.

In the meantime I wanted to quickly share with you that we are heading back to the OR today, sometime around noon.  We are going to make some changes to the new drainage system we placed in Lucy's bladder on Monday in hopes of having it drain better.  We are also going to attempt to inject Lucy's bladder with Botox to help prevent the incessant and extremely painful bladder spasms.  We really don't know if this will work, but at this point it's worth trying.  Our fabulous urology team(really and truly they are THE BEST) is also going to look inside of Lucy's bladder and asses whether or not the "bladder cocktail" they instilled in on Monday helped with the severe inflammation that is also a source of so much pain.

Your thoughts and prayers, love and support are once again very much appreciated.  Here's hoping and praying that what we do today makes a difference for Lucy, she is in so much pain.

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Helen A said...

This picture is breaking my heart. Lucy I am hoping and praying that you will soon be more comfortable. I miss your smile and your spirit. I even miss you telling me to make a list. Heal Lucy and get home.