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Our home away from home...

December 17, 2013
We have been admitted to "our home away from home" yet again, and so close to the holidays.

What is it with Lucy and being in the hospital for the holidays?

In case you've lost count, there are only 8 days remaining before Christmas, 8 days!

Here's hoping for a miraculous recovery for Lucy, and also that UPS pulls through for us.

Lucy has a pretty severe case of pancreatits as well as an infection somewhere.  Where, we don't know that just yet.  There is some speculation that it could be in her urine, her urinalysis looks suspicious.   There is also a fear that she has bacterial pancreatitis, meaning that it's an infection in her pancreas that is reeking havoc on our girl.  It could be both... or something never know with Lucy which is why we are here.

Lucy's white blood cell count is very elevated for her, this has us all scratching our heads because she has not elicited a fever from all of this.  This is not the first time we have seen her do this, she had sepsis in September without a fever.  We made another change to her antibiotic coverage, ramping up our gram negative coverage.

(Poor baby would not let go of the bucket, she's even sleeping with it tonight)

Pain control was priority number one when we arrived to the hospital at around 4:45am!  Lucy was in so much pain it literally made her sick.  Vomiting is not something Lucy does often, nor is it something we want her to be doing.  She doesn't have the muscle strength to bring it all up or move her own body to get it out (sorry to those of you who are weak in the stomach), we worry that the infected bile that she is vomiting is flooding her lungs which can potentially cause an aspiration pneumonia.  Poor baby struggled until we got on top of her pain.

(Yikes, a heart rate of 181 bpm, and an elevated blood pressure to boot)

The cocktail of pain meds that we are giving her appears to be helping.  Pain team is so familiar with our girl, dare I say it was easy coming up with a multi-phase plan for pain management should Lucy's needs escalate over night.  There was even a time this afternoon while infusing her plethora of her pain that we all were able to enjoy a silly, very chatty Lucy.  Hey, we'll take the good times whenever we can get them.    

We are so grateful for the amazing team of doctors and nurses who know and love our girl! They help to make our life livable, and that's saying a lot!

I had all of twenty minutes of sleep last night…at least it was something, right!?!


Lucy's meds are all ordered and timed correctly and we have a fabulous nurse working with us tonight.

Translation, I am planning on sleeping ALL night.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, love and support.

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Susan said...

UG! So sorry to hear this. :-( Especially so close to Christmas! Praise God for an awesome hospital, doctors, nurses, etc. Thankful they were able to get her pain a bit more under control, poor thing. Praying you were able to get some sleep last night! Just wanted to let you know that there are people out here praying for you all! Hugs.

Helen A said...

Sleep well both of you! Hoping for a comfortable, silly Lucy today 🙏😘

Donna said...

Hey Lucy,

We hope you have a good night and we can Skype with you tomorrow. We will be reading another Christmas book tomorrow.

Love all your friends in Room 124.