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Say a little pray please...

December 7, 2013
This time last week we were here…

Today we are sitting in the waiting room, waiting for our little one to come out of surgery…again.  Lucy's gallbladder tube came out sometime during the course of last night, not sure exactly when.  By the time I realized this her stoma, or the hole that the tube comes out of, was closed shut.  I could not insert anything into the hole to try and open it up.  This discovery set several balls in motion today which ultimately ended with a team of doctors and nurses working together to try and reinsert a new tube into Lucy's gallbladder site. There is a very real fear that we may not be able to get a tube back in…if this is the case we will need to weigh the risks vs the benefits of putting Lucy through another gallbladder tube surgery.  

If you could say a little prayer please that our wonderful team of docs will be able to reinsert a wire and dilate Lucy's stoma enough to get a tube back in, we would be ever so grateful.
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