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On the fence...

December 18, 2013
Not much change in our girl clinically today.  Her lipase did come down quite bit from the +15,000 it was yesterday, but it's still in the thousands which is very high.  Our pain management plan seems to be working; however, Lucy was much more irritable today.  Tonight was rough as well, Drew and the kids came to see us but Lucy was grumpy and very tired.

After some discussion during rounds this morning, there is a concern that Lucy has an infection that could be causing this.  Our main doc and I both suspect that Lucy was septic yesterday, which is why he choose to make an abrupt change to her antibiotic coverage.  It's funny but neither one of us wanted to discuss this thought with each other yesterday.   Her white cell count came down a bit, but is still very high for Lucy.

In an effort to assist Lucy's body with all of the systemic issues she has going on at the moment, we tripled her normal fluid rate.  Needless to say she is looking a little puffy today.  Dr. R is very concerned about Lucy having a systemic inflammatory response to all that she has going on, so he is monitoring her very closely for any changes that could indicate that she is heading in the wrong direction.

Lucy's urine is a cause for concern, she is growing yeast.  This is a significant finding, but we believe that it's secondary to everything else that she has going on.  Despite it being a secondary issue, of primary concern this afternoon was changing Lucy's supra-pubic catheter.  Poor baby, I can think of nothing worse than waking from a deep sleep to somebody pulling something out of a hole in your body…geez, it's no wonder she's so irritable.  Infectious disease has been consulted on this issue as Lucy has been on an IV anti fugal for the better part of the past year.

In conclusion, Lucy is on the fence at the moment.  She could go either way, it's up to Lucy's body to let us know what it's going to do.  Do you think it cares that Christmas is a week away?

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janet knape said...

I don't know if Lucy's body cares that it is 1 week till Christmas....but I certainly care!!! I KNOW that she will take charge and kick this to the curb!!! This is going to be the best Christmas EVER! Do you hear that Santa??? Of course he does!

I believe in Santa Claus.
In fact I know he's real.

It's nothing I can prove to you.
It's something that I feel.

It's knowing that on Christmas Day
All people stop and pause,
And show goodwill to everyone.

This must be Santa Claus!

Love you,

Reagan Leigh's Grandma

Donna said...

Hey Lucy! We missed you today. We understand why you don't feel well. However, we all saw your picture and said "Hi" and Merry Christmas.

Love you Lucy... Christmas is one week away!

All your friends in Room 124