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Tomorrow's another day...

December 20, 2013
It's late and I am just heading to bed, but I wanted to just give a quick summary of our day….

It was much the same as the day before, not much change.  Lucy's bladder is really bothering her.  We are waiting on culture results to find out specifics on the yeast.  Some of our docs are inclined to treat it right away while others are waiting for more information.  I see the logic and reasoning behind both points of view, either way we need to find a way to keep our girl comfortable.

I am hoping tomorrow we will gain more clarity on the issues and discuss a plan for moving forward.

I sent an email to a friend earlier today in which I told him that I was relinquishing all control over the calendar - in other words I was going to stop obsessing over whether or not we were going to be home for the holidays.  Then I asked him if I sounded convincing, to which he simply replied "no".  I'm trying, really I'm trying.

Thanks to Lucy's school friends for making her the most creative paper ornaments for her Christmas tree, they are beautiful!  Our CCF family gathered tonight to celebrate the holidays together by making ornaments.  We hung them on a small tree that afterwards was brought to Lucy's room for her to enjoy. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas:).

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers, love and support.
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Kim Anderson said...

Praying for your family. Hopeing you are home for Christmas and Lucy is feeling better.