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3:29 am

April 15, 2011

We moved up to the floor at or around midnight.  Everyone has been on alert as Lucy is showing signs of sepsis.  The ER held her until everyone on the floor was ready for her to come up, once we arrived she has been very uncomfortable, retching, shaking, and screaming in pain.  The first round of antibiotics were administered in the ER, and now we believe that whatever bacteria Lucy may have growing in her line has spread throughout her bloodstream thus causing her to become septic.  Extra meds have been administered so here’s hoping we can get her comfortable enough to sleep.  We are in a private room on isolation until we know what bugs we have growing. 

Drew went home to sleep so that he can get the kids up in the morning ready for school and the like.  I will update more when we know more.   

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Heidi said...

OH NO, so sorry. Im praying hard tonight that the antibiotics do their job and she makes a turn around quickly. Sorry to hear of her results from Dr. B, thats a tough conversation. BIG hugs and ALWAYS prayers for your baby girl.
Heidi & Jack.

eckman fam said...

i am home with my lucy all day...does sophie want to come and play with us?? email me...