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The last two standing…

April 16, 2011

That’s right, only two out of the six of us did not get sick this week.  If you want to look on the positive side, that’s 1/3 of our family that stayed healthy.  When Drew arrived home last night Jack woke up with a fever, how convenient of Jack as Drew was already going to be taking Megan to the ped’s office in the morning.  Jack and Megan tested oh ever so faintly positive for strep throat,  so two prescriptions for antibiotics were written and hopes for a fever free day for them are in the near future.  As for Miss Lucy, fever free is what we are hoping for as well.  Despite being on antibiotics for almost 24 hours she continues to have very high fevers of 104 plus degrees.  Dr. R is not speculating about anything, but did say he would see us on Monday.  Lucy has slept most of the day, everyone who knows our girl is so sad to see her so sick.  So far nothing has grown from her cultures, which is not necessarily a good thing.  I am tired as I have not slept most of the day or last night.  We want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers and offers of help.  We can’t imagine doing this alone, nor would we want to.     

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Heidi said...

Thanks for the update, so sorry she is still struggling with fevers and an unknown infection :( Its just awful to see our littleones so out of it and in pain. Thinking about your girl tonight, I pray this comes to a end soon and she's back home! BIG hugs and always prayers--
Heidi & Jack.