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"Mommy sick”

April 14, 2011


We are still here…just not here if you know what I mean.  I have been hit with some upper respiratory yuck that has knocked me down, only I can’t stay down because I have four kiddos and a busy life to attend to.  It takes A LOT to knock me down…so A LOT is what I’ve got.  The yuck that has invaded my body has caused a sinus infection, bronchitis, and oh yeah borderline pneumonia.   I went to the doctor this morning and was prescribed an inhaler, antibiotics, and some super duper cough medicine that will knock you out so you can’t cough.   This is not only good for me, but for my husband as well as he has had to listen to me cough up a lung or twenty since Sunday.

Megan came home from school not looking or feeling her best, she complained of a sore throat and went to bed.  When she woke she had a fever and has been pretty miserable ever since.  My guess, she and I are sharing the same germs.  Drew is trying to keep the other kids away, but really that is mission impossible.  Our wonderful nurse Anne has not only been taking care of Lucy, but me and the rest of the family these past few days.  Poor girl is going to think twice before having a big family of her own one day…we love you Anne.

I have so many amazing things I want to share with you, but I am going to save them for another post soon.   Prayers for good health all the way around would be appreciated as always, but even more so tonight.

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Heather said...

Praying for you! It is NOT fun when mommy is sick! I hope you feel better very quickly, and I hope you can take that cough medicine and get some really good rest...that is good stuff! But I know it is hard to take it when you think your kids might need you!