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Happy Easter…

April 25, 2011


(This picture is from Easter 2010…just remembering.)

I wanted to post earlier but have been busy soothing an cranky, irritable, and agitated baby most of the day.  We have been battling pain control.  Part of the battle is Lucy’s super high tolerance for narcotics, we are almost maxed out on her dosing.  Part of it is not knowing what is causing her pain and trying to find fixes for issues like is she just so itchy that she appears to be in pain but is really in need of being scratched.  Lastly, part of it is not having our regular doc here to help us make sense of all of that is going on with Lucy and what we should do about it.  We have a bunch of docs working with us but who don’t really know our girly well and that is challenging on oh so many levels.

The Easter bunny found Lucy in the PICU and left her and her siblings some wonderful Easter baskets.  On this Easter Sunday we, along with so many, continue to pray for a turn around in Lucy.  God is faithful…

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Helen A said...

Miss you so much Lucy! so sorry you are not comfortable. Hoping and praying that they will get your medicine right to make you fell better. See you soon.

Kristina said...

Praying so desperately for sweet Lucy!

Susan said...

From Cora and Nathan to Lucy.We hope you feel better soon love Cora and Nathan.
(Dart Family)