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Something Exciting Is About to Happen…

April 17, 2011

In the midst of all of the chaos we have something we are very much looking forward to doing. 


In January while in the midst of crisis, it was mentioned to us that Lucy was eligible for a make a wish referral.  I’ll be honest, at first I was so sad to hear the mention of a Make-A-Wish for our girl because in my mind it meant that things were not going well.  Let me be even more honest, things are not moving in the direction that we are hoping and praying for.  Getting a Make-A-Wish referral is not going to change that, but what it can do is give our family a much deserved break from all of the chaos, to give us an opportunity to celebrate life,  and make some memories…memories of a lifetime.

Days before Lucy’s third birthday the Wish Granters came to visit our house and asked Miss Lucy about her wish.  She told them she wishes to “see pops…see pinsess!”, translation, she wants to see fireworks and princesses, and what better place to go to see fireworks and princess than… Disney World! 

Lucy and our family have been granted a wish trip to Disney World where EVERYTHING will be taken care of for our family, from a limo ride to and from the airport, to our accommodations at Give Kids the World the Make a Wish resort, to theme park tickets and a rental car…simply amazing!  We are scheduled to leave on Mother’s day for a week of NO medical appointments, NO hospitalization, NO tests or procedures, and NO school for our big kids! 

Jack asked the wish granters when they came why they were doing this for us.  We know that Jack is looking for clarity in all that is going on.   We think Jack was expecting the wish granters to say something like…your sister is very sick and she deserves this. Instead they answered, “it is hard having a sister who is so sick. Your mom and dad have to give her so much of their time and attention.  You all deserve a break and we want to give you that break because we know how hard it can be!”  Jack’s face lit up because he knew that this was not just for Lucy but for all of us!  I love that Make-A-Wish is making this experience about our entire family and not just Lucy.

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Ash said...

You're going to be there the same week we are! We're not going with MAW (we haven't contacted them yet), but we originally had a special trip planned over New Years and had to cancel because of being in the hospital. Praying that won't be the case this time.

So exciting!

Hope Lucy fights these new bugs quickly. (((hugs))) Thinking of her.

Debbie said...

Sounds like the perfect place to make some wonderful memories!

The Koehns said...

Woo hoo! Something very positive in all this! Have a wonderful trip!

Amanda said...

So exciting!! I hope you make some wonderful memories. We live in Florida and have been countless times before Sam arrived but each time my kids would be just as over the moon .. like a dream come true. Share some magical mickey memories! My best Disney advice is to take your time to go back to your hotel and take naps before the evening stuff. It really pays and she will need the rest!

Amber Greenawalt said...

How exciting!!!

Please, please google the words "wish trippers unite" and find the thread on the DIS boards full of familes going on Make A Wish trips to Disney.

Also please look for the Disboutique group!

And feel free to search my blog about Sebastian's Disney Wish trip. It was amazing! His send off party was in November 2008 and we left in December 2008. (He made the wish in June 2008)

You will no doubt find Give Kids the World (where Wish familes stay)to be the most amazing place on earth! Seriously, it is. Read the biography of it's founder Henry Landwirth called "Gift of Life" if you get a chance before you go. It will make you appreciate that special place that much more.

If you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them. These wish trips are AMAZING!!! Your family is going to make incredible chrished memories.

Since we know already that Savannah qualifies for a wish we are looking forward to doing her's sometime in the future. I'm actually hoping she picks Disney too.

Did you happen to see that the nationaL Make A Wish holiday giving campaign this year featured a child with mitochondrial disease??

So happy for your family and Princess Lucy!!

Lots of Pixie Dust your way---

Kristina said...

So excited for your family. I hope that Lucy starts to feel better soon. We are saying lots of prayers for her and the family.