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A Quiet Day…

April 30, 2011

We had a very quiet day…just what we needed.  We did a lot of reading, took a nap, and watched Cars and Nemo, and Cars and Nemo, and Car and Nemo…



Nothing new to report today…hooray!  Labs remain stable with the exception of  her lipase which has been trending up all week, not surprised since her pancreas is enlarged.  Lucy remains comfortable on the dialaudid IV, hoping to discuss the weaning process as well as a whole slew of other things with Dr. R when he gets back tomorrow.  

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Helen A said...

Glad to hear it was a quiet day. Lucy it was fun painting with you. I was glad to see you wanting to paint and read and it was so good to hear you laughing about your crazy paintbrush. Looking forward to hearing more good news.

Groves said...

Checking in with you daily, always thinking of you, always praying. So glad that the "fever pitch" has died down at least a little, although of course I realize that still leaves you in the midst of on-going (serious!) struggle...!


Cathy in Missouri

twotrainnuts said...

We highly recommend "Despicable Me" as a possible alternative to Cars & Nemo, Cars & Nemo. The Minions are cute!!

you're all still in our prayers...even on quiet days!

Rick & Lori