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Oh how life can change in an instant…

April 15, 2011

Lucy went from playing outside on the driveway to complaining of belly pain and laying on the couch with a fever of 103.2 all in the course of an hour.  She went from good to bad just like that.  A quick change of plans were made, bags were packed, calls were made, and we were on our way to the DuPont ER.  We are here, labs and cultures have already been drawn, and we are waiting for a bed on our floor upstairs. 

Megan was home sick from school today with a fever and sore throat, Drew will take her in to our ped’s office tomorrow for a throat culture.  I am feeling a little better which is an improvement over yesterday!  A mama just can’t be sick for long!

Your thoughts and prayers are very much needed.  My one regret tonight was that we left Megan sleeping and did not tell her what was going on.

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